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Visiting IntegraLink

Step 1: Driving instructions

This page includes driving instructions from all directions. Whether you're arriving from north, south, east, or west of Columbus, this is the information you need to find our office.

Step 2: The city view from various directions

You may be arriving from Dayton, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, or Port Columbus. Select your point of origin below for a map that will direct you to our part of town.

  • Arriving from the north (Cleveland, Detroit, Marysville)
  • Arriving from the east (Pittsburgh)
  • Arriving from the south (Cincinnati)
  • Arriving from the west (Dayton, Indianapolis)
  • Arriving from Port Columbus

Step 3: The local map

When you're close to IntegraLink, this is the map that will guide you to our driveway.

  • Approaching from the north
  • Approaching from the south

Step 4: On our doorstep

Here's how to find the most convenient parking spot and information about the location of our front door.


Visitors are welcome! We'll be happy to introduce you to some of the dozens of data-collection professionals who work with us.

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