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IntegraLink's Advantages

IntegraLink is one of the largest providers of data collection within the automotive industry, but we've never forgotten our small beginnings.

From the start, our first and foremost consideration has been to provide exactly the services our clients want, to provide those services with courtesy and honesty, and to provide those services at a reasonable price.


Sure, occasionally there will be a problem with data collection, but we have two cardinal rules for dealing with those problems:

  • First, we pride ourselves in being sufficiently attentive to the processes that we often notice a minor problem before our clients do and fix the problem without fanfare.
  • Second, we answer the phone. If you call with a problem, you'll talk to a person. That person will investigate while you're still on the phone and, in many cases, resolve the problem on the spot.

This may not be the easy way for us to do business, but it's the right way. And it's one of the reasons our clients are so loyal.


IntegraLink's commitment to your needs isn't the only advantage we bring to the table, but it may be the most important.

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